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Is your project off track?

Is your team overwhelmed,
overworked, frustrated, and disengaged?

You need more than technical skills
for project success.

How do I know?  Because I was there!

Stress-Out Project Managers

I am a skilled PMP professional but I was failing until I discovered the secret of success — Fearless Project Management!

Stress, worry, and anxiety

Can you Relate?

As I managed programs and projects,  I worried about meeting requirements, quality, adequate testing, and user acceptance.  Some of my projects completed successfully, and some, not successfully.  Here are some of the challenges I faced.  Maybe you recognize them.

  • The executive sponsor was invisible, so the importance of the project was not communicated. The project was low priority until it turned into a crisis.
  • Executives did not want to hear bad news and shot the messenger (me) through discrediting and sabotage.
  • Important information was not communicated during status meetings, but privately. This left key players out of the loop. 
  • My best resources got reassigned to other projects. Work was not done to requirements and features were not tested.
  • Moving parts kept shifting and moving in the wrong direction.
  • New requirements were added without allowing change to schedule or budget.

Often, it is your mindset, rather than your skillset that determines the outcome to these common project challenges.  If you let fear, anxiety, and stress lead the way, you and your project will continue in the wrong direction.

Become Fearless!

Make friends with fear and use it to successfully manage your projects.

When I discovered how easy it was to use anxiety and worry as my ally, I let the energy give me the surge to lead, rather than manage my projects.  At that moment, Project Management became easy and fun.

You, too, can discover the ultimate success formula for projects that meet all requirements and are delivered on time and within budget.  With the Fearless Project Management Program, you will discover:

  • The Fearless Project Management methodology that turns anxiety into energy that propels you forward with energy and drive.
  • The secret to instantly engaging your skills, experience, and intuition, even it the face of challenges.
  • How to confidently communicate to create collaboration and cooperation with management, team members, and users.
  • How successful Project Managers lead with confidence and strength without losing sleep.

Don’t wait.  One session can change your work and your life.  Schedule your free, Fearless Fearless Project Management Discovery Session today.